What Inspired Us

The story of RebelWithCause is just as unique as the products we sell. While traveling through beautiful Europe, we couldn't help but notice the sense of fashion of the locals. From the beautiful clean style of the Swiss business woman, to the relaxed funky style of the French and Bulgarian college girls. All have an amazing love for fashion and all express it in their own unique way. 

What we noticed is how important beautiful shoes and handbags are in the everyday style of the European woman. Quality and attention to detail are key when choosing a product to wear and this is when we decided that every woman should have a unique well made piece in her closet that she is proud to show off on the way to work, at an event, or simply strolling through town. 

We collaborated with designers and manufacturers form Bulgaria and the UK and came up with one of a kind pieces made of sustainable products and high quality premium leathers.  RebelWithCause values creative expression and we are proud to support our designers' wild imagination. We have an exciting line coming up for FALL 2015 and we can't wait to share it with YOU!

Be rebellious. Stay fabulous.

The RWC Team